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The Broken Blueprint

The Broken Blueprint, A Book Review by Nic Samojluk

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 @ 06:05 PM

Nic Samojluk


When John Burden, under the direction of Ellen White, secured a place for the training of medical evangelists in what is known as Loma Linda, he was given a blueprint which required no union with unbelievers, the use of natural remedies instead of drugs, no accreditation from non-Adventist organizations, and the avoidance of costly buildings and competition with the world.
Following Ellen White’s death, Percy Magan and Arthur Daniells got rid of Burden, pushed aside the blueprint, sought the accreditation of the school, replaced the use of natural remedies with drugs, hired non-adventist teachers and physicians, incurred heavy financial indebtedness, and began the extremely expensive long journey of competition with the world.

To learn about the bitter fruits of this departure from the pioneer’s blueprint, read this book review and, if you can, read also the original document entitled “The Broken Blueprint” authored by Vance Ferrell.

The Broken BlueprintBy Vance Ferrell
Published By Harvestime Books, 2003

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Read the book on line (pdf)

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